all those checklists -looking back

The first thing I turned to when I started planning our wedding was a variety of wedding planners and they all contain checklists. There are checklists everywhere, all different.

We got engaged in January and the date was set for October, according to all the checklists, by February 6, I was hopelessly behind

There are an intimidating number of things you are suppose to do 12 to 8 months before your wedding date.

-set date -book reception site -book ceremony site -book caterer
-book all other vendors [florist, baker, photographer, musicians etc]
-ask your attendants -insure engagement ring
-decide on wedding planner -get hotel room blocks set aside
-finalize guests lists -set budget -choose officiant -choose outfits
-choose theme? colors

it goes on and on and on and on, all of this [and more] before month 8!

So the first 2 weeks of my engagement instead of basking I was trying to get caught up. It was a horrible, stressful, overwhelming feeling that sucked all the joy out of being
engaged. Being told that October is as equally busy wedding month as May or June in Minnesota did not help either. The fact that we choose a Saturday so that out of town guests could make it more easily increased the challenges.

After feeling ill and sleepless for 2 weeks my common sense and my sincere desire for a enjoyable engagement period woke up. We set the date, booked the sites, and just started prioritizing. It seems if you start chipping away at it, the rest starts looking easier or do-able.

Part of the credit goes to the wonderful book by Laurie Sue Brockway, Wedding Goddess. Her ideas, affirmations and rituals really help me focus on what is important to me and to DF. I can't use everything in her book, so I just take what I like and leave the rest.

Here it is March 17 and we still haven't chosen a florist or baker and I am totally ok with that. I know we'll probably get it done this month and it will all work out fine.

And we are ecstatic about the caterer we found. That helps a lot. Because at least for my family [Italian] the food is of extreme importance.

I know we will have a lovely wedding. Not perfect, not the happiest day of our lives and I am fine with that.


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