Telling friends and family--looking back

A fun part of being engaged was telling people. Although it wasn't all easy sometimes I felt very shy and sometimes vulnerable telling people. It is such a personal special thing, and of course you can't control how other people will react. You have to open to the possibility of pain.

Some people very close to us seemed to need time to get adjusted just to the idea. I did my best to let go and give them space. To not take things personally. The results have been wonderful.

I took my best friend out to dinner the next day to tell her and ask her to be my attendant. I was so happy to share that with her. She is the most wonderful friend. She is the most detailed, organized person I know and she has never been a bridesmaid before. She takes it quite seriously.

My sisters I had to phone as they live across the country. One didn't get my voice mail for 3 days while she was traveling for work and I started to worry that she disapproved for some reason. I love how happy my sisters are for me. I also laughed over their different personalities which their responses demonstrate.

My eldest sister after exclamations and congratulations asked 'will there be a shower?' My other older sister exclaimed in delight for me, apologized for calling from an airport and asked 'how did she propose?' There in a nutshell are my sisters. They are wonderful and different from each other. One more practical, she wants to get any parties on her calendar. The other more interested in the emotional part. They are such fun. I am very lucky.

I told other friends personally if I saw them and also sent out a lot of emails announcing it. It was so touching to receive so much heartfelt love and approval.

I bet I am forgetting details of the first few weeks. Too bad I didn't think of blogging earlier.
I talked with my therapist about feeling shy. Shy about announcing it to people, shy of the attention now and in the future. He laughed and told me to get used to it. He's right. It does take a bit of time to get used to it though.

We also drafted an announcement for the church newsletter. I checked the schedule and got it in to the correct person. That was an exciting bit of making it feel real. Even more exciting seeing it in the newsletter in mid-February. I was surprised a few times when I got congratulations unexpectedly -they had seen the announcement.


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