starting on cakes

We had our first cake tasting yesterday morning. Everything everyone has ever said about Buttercream is true. Their cakes are delicious. Wow. Their prices are reasonable, they deliver and set up. They are always fresh not frozen. We are seriously considering them.

Why didn't we choose them? Well a lot of their flavors like amaretto have actual alcohol in them. While we are not having a dry wedding there will be a lot of people there who don't drink including one of the brides. So no alcohol in the cake. We are planning on having a fabulous cake with more than one flavor but that is the only dessert [maybe ice cream?] so everyone needs to be able to eat it if they want. Also my goal is to have a cake that I can enjoy as well. Although Buttercream's cakes are not too sweet, they are right on that line. If they had been too sweet for me they would have tasted bad to me They are not going to create a sugar-free, no artificial sweetener recipe just for me. They are a very nice, large operation. So basically they are probably our fall back. The other option is to get a lovely cake for everyone from Buttercream and get me a lovely cake from the Wedge that is more to my taste and low sugar needs. We'll see what happens. We have several other bakers to visit.

We had time before our pre-marital counseling so we dashed over to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Our only goal was to decide if we wanted to register there. I was impressed that they were clearly use to dealing with gay couples. We have china and stainless flatware over at Bloomingdale's but we wanted another national option. I love the fact that they sell Dysons there. DF loved the massaging chair pads. She questioned whether we needed to register else where but just wandering through the kitchen department she realized there are actually a lot of things we need. Like pots with lids...towels, sheets for the double bed, blankets to replace those that are dying. So 40 minutes was enough for us to decide to do it. I set it up last night online and next Monday we are going to go to another cake appointment and back to BB&B and put things on our registry.

Today and Thursday are our wedding free days. We do our best to not talk about wedding plans unless an emergency comes up. I am looking forward to the break since this past week+ has been quite wedding heavy. That doesn't mean there will be no blogging though, even though I am not talking about it with my fiancee. I find that for me with a project this big it runs through my mind fairly constantly. This is one of the reasons I want to step up my meditation practice. All in all though with most of the major decisions done I feel like I can kick back a bit. I would really like to get those last dozen save-the-dates in the mail though.


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