Finding engagement rings and officiants--looking back

DF and I agree on many things. It's quite lucky really. 
We knew from earlier discussions --
~that if we were in a primary relationship we wanted to get married
~we wanted to get married in a 'spiritual' way
~we would wear rings

We also agreed with ease on these specifics when we started to plan.
~time of year
~size of the wedding [around 80]
~wanting to serve a meal afterwards if at all possible
~flowers on the wedding cake
~real flowers not silk
~yes to engagement rings
~her Dad[retired baptist minister] taking part of the ceremony.

That first week we started looking for engagement rings in antique stores.We both departed from our original ideas once we started looking. DF found a lovely emerald in swirly yellow gold. She says she loves it more everyday. I surprised myself and fell in love with an antique marquis(e) cut diamond in white gold. I was thinking matter.
It's beautiful.

Hopefully I am not the only person who spends hours looking at their engagement ring as it sparkles in the sunlight in a happy daze. Dreaming and planning for change. When someone notices it I ask for words of wisdom or a blessing for my upcoming marriage. I like to think how it symbolizes the transition I am making in my life. It makes me "come out" in ways I never thought of before.

The minister at my church was already booked for our day so we talked about other possible unitarian universalist ministers. We decided on the reverend B. Kellett. A lovely, wise, gentle lady. We are delighted with her and I like to think she feels the same about us.


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