So the save-the-dates need to get in the mail. The wedding is only 195 days away! Why does 195 days sound like so much more time than 6.5 months?

Well a lot of guests are coming in from out of town. I also know that a lot of people need to be reminded to put things on their calendars. A few friends may not have heard about the engagement, at least not directly from us. So whoever invented save-the-dates did a great thing in my opinion. Since I am one of those people who actually like writing xmas cards I wasn't too daunted. DF is willing to help but really has atrocious handwriting. She can write the thank yous to her friends and family but since these really need to legible I have been plugging away at them. I have 34 done so far and not too many more left to do. DF can be the official stamper.

One thing I was concerned about was saving money. Yes, I did think we needed them but I didn't want to drop a bundle. We both liked the idea of a postcard. I found a fun, happy picture of the two of us from New Year's Eve 2006. I sized and cropped it and pasted it 8 times into a 12x14 word document. The copy shop at work does personal orders. I asked them to print the page 8 times on heavy card stock and cut them apart. I got 80 save-the-dates color picture postcards for 6.71. I got a lot extra in case I make a ton of mistakes. We'll probably mail about 40 of them [more will be hand-delivered], in stamps that will be 9.60. Bringing the total to well under $20.

The wording was a bit tricky. We didn't want to be cutesy. We settled for 'please save the date-DF X and Me Y -are getting married - on October X 2007 - in minneapolis, minnesota - invitation to follow.

I was extremely skeptical about needing the 'invitation to follow' line. Surely I thought everyone either knows or can figure out what a save the date card is? Isn't it self-explanatory? Nope, they can't. I hand delivered one to a close friend when we had lunch. It was one of the first 3 I had written, and I forgot to put the last line. Sure enough she asked 'is this the invitation?' Do yourselves a favor add that last line no matter what! My fiancee still has a few addresses to collect but we are almost there.

Our first cake testing is Tuesday, we are certainly looking forward to that. I know we will find a cake that I can eat!


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