just some small stuff

A much quieter day and not much done, looked at or decided. It has been very nice. I love planning this wedding but I realize I also love not having to think about it at times. Yesterday was one of our 'no wedding talk' days and it was very relaxing. I actually found myself looking forward to our trip to the Michigan Women's Music Festival in August, something totally non-wedding related.

We had dinner with some friends who insisted on treating us in honor of our engagement. Very sweet gesture. I was smiling to myself thinking 'it's like our engagement party' [we didn't have an actual one, so it was very nice] fiancee keeps on adding people to the guest list. I have to really wonder how many people we are really going to end up having... We will probably need to discuss this and how we can be sure to keep our list around 80 like we planned. It seems like if you count on a certain percentages declining that will bite you later and you'll get %100 acceptance. Rather fun really.

I am thinking about asking my nephews to be ushers. Basically pass out the programs and seat people. Perhaps having matching ties and boutonnieres. My nephews are all adults and are coming to the wedding. DF also has 2 nephews in their early teens. We are guessing that they would be appalled to be ushers and would rather stay in the background. I hope this won't hurt any one's feelings on Fiancee's side. Weddings do seem to be loaded with mine fields at times. I'm hoping my niece will sing as well. DF's sister and niece will be her attendants. So I think the families should feel fairly well represented.

I can't wait until my mum and sisters visit this summer and I can share more of the plans and details with them face to face. It is a shame we all live so far apart when there is stuff we would enjoy sharing. All in all though I am still feeling good about it and really enjoying being engaged. I'm also getting plenty of opportunities to let go. And if the last 12 or so save-the-dates don't go out for weeks or ever because DF's hasn't gotten the addresses; well it won't be the end of the world. Now working on letting go over the honeymoon in Victoria that DF is planning that may take a bit more work... but it's doable. Really I have plenty of things I need to get done myself.


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