Time to think of flowers

Well we have our florist. We got two fabulous recommendations and we liked the first one so much that we went with her. I'm kind of disappointed to not meet with the second though.

We both really like flowers, and wanted live ones so it is a fairly important vendor for us. At the same time we have pretty fluid ideas. DF likes things a bit more formal and traditional than me. I like nosegays to be looser with lots of ivy, herbs as well as flowers. I like lots of texture. I don't like calla lilies or orchids really. I like roses ok, but I love carnations. I had no idea that martha stewart slammed carnations years ago and that's why you stopped seeing them. I love them, I always have. We are both having bouquets as well as our four attendants. I am also wearing flowers in my hair.

Since they are all wearing the same dress we want everything else to be as individual as possible. I want them to choose their own shoes, accessories, do their hair how they want and their bouquets will all be different with some kind of underlining theme, like ivy and hypericum berries. One will have orchids, one champagne roses, one dahlias and one gerbera daisies. I think they will be beautiful. I may buy a sample of my bouquet and one of the bridesmaids just so I know we are on the same page ahead of time. Also, that way I'll be able to get ideas for the other centerpieces, which we are probably going to do ourselves. I kind of want the centerpieces to all be different yet somehow tie together. The bouquets will double as centerpieces during the reception.

It really is fun being engaged. And all this planning is fun. I'm going shopping in a couple of hours with one of my attendants. She is going to try 'the dress' on and it's on sale even more today so that is great!


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