Buying a dress - looking back

Perhaps one of the reasons I am enjoying my engagement so much at this point is that the buying of my dress is out of the way. No, I haven't finalized my outfit or gone through fittings or bought shoes but the dress is bought.

It was certainly something I was not looking forward to....first of all I never wear white. I just don't feel it is my best color. I have a pale olive skin which I just don't think goes with white. Also I am a size 16/18. I was skeptical about buying something that would make me look bigger in pictures and let's face it there are a lot of pictures at a wedding.

It's true that the only thing the bridal magazines are good for are so that you can rip out pictures of any dress that may have some element that you like. By doing this I was able to narrow down the type of dress I liked and thought could work on me. [v or scoop neck, not strapless, a-line, chiffon, not too much beading, draped bodice, sweep or no train, dull fabrics, chiffon]

Armed with these and my week day off I went to an actual bridal shop [Brides of France] with my fiancee. I really didn't want to go, in fact the only way I got myself to go was to assure myself I did not have to buy anything. I went on a Monday at lunchtime. I choose a shop that had sample sizes in something else besides 8, and nothing over 999.00.

It was pretty great. Once I knew I didn't have to buy anything I relaxed. I showed the saleslady my pictures to give her an idea. I tried on a white dress, the vaguely Grecian style dress was not bad but the white was horrible. I tried on a more elaborate one, I barely remember it, but we didn't like it. I tried on the third, it was ivory and this small change of color looks way better with my skin.

It has a v neck, it has a draped bodice, it is dull satin with a chiffon over skirt and chiffon shawl, it had lovely beading around the front and back of neck and delicate beaded vines on the over skirt. It had a long train, but it needed to be hemmed majorly any way. The satin part of the train could go. The chiffon/beaded part of the train could be draped up in an endearing bustle. It was my size but would of course need alterations since I am one of the shortest waisted people alive. It was on sale for under $500. I looked beautiful in it. I worried about how I would look in a pictures [ivory sausage?]. I bought it. I am really glad that I did.

I accept that white/ivory/cream is just not the best color for most people and I made it work anyway.

I wasn't counting on finding a dress that day. In fact, I always figured I would probably have to have one made. But I went in with an idea of what I wanted. I went at a time when the shop would be peaceful. I went with just one other person. I was open to trying things on just to see. Heck, I even tried on a veil, which I was pretty sure I didn't like. I don't. But I tried it on standing there just to see.

And now it is done. The rest of it like shoes [maybe dark red], flowers in my hair, accessories that will all come together just fine. It really feels like it is all a fun ride downhill from here.


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