Shoes for the wedding and more dress delerium

A lot of shopping has been done this week. Three of the four attendants have tried on the dress and liked it. It may not be something that they would have chosen for themselves but they feel comfortable wearing it and more importantly think they look nice in it.

I went to a different branch of Macy's to see their range of sizes for the dress and found out that Macy's is having a special 3 day sale this week. I also found out that there is another slightly different style of the same dress from the same maker with the same fabric available. Just the beading is a bit different and the jacket is taffeta instead of the satin. So the maid and matron of honor are wearing the first style [sale price $70 down from $220] and the other 2 attendants are wearing the second style [$94 down from $210]. It's a newer style, that's why it's a bit more expensive apparently. The second style is the same plum/bronze iridescent satin, v neck, sheath dress with beaded applique leaves on the dress from the left shoulder to the right hip. The taffeta jacket has more of the leaves beaded on it. Both styles are gorgeous.

I realize that most people won't even realize that there are 2 styles up there, but I am really happy to have the cohesion without everyone looking like they were stamped with a cookie cutter. And of course some people may choose to wear the jacket and some may not. It just seems like a miracle to find a dress that comes in a large range of sizes that everyone looks fine in and have it be on super sale.

I went shopping with one of my attendants yesterday and she found a pair of Bandolinas bronze, wedge heeled, sling backs that she loves [on sale $43] that go perfectly with the dress. Today my matron of honor took me shopping and she found this incredible pair of Ann Kleins leather flats with bronze leopard skin print with bronze buckles [on sale $43] that she loves. She is worried about them not looking formal enough but I think they are adorable. I hope she decides to wear them.

She suggested I start looking for shoes myself. I was interested in finding metallic copper shoes with 3" heels, that were comfortable and not too pointy. I found them [Caparros], and I loved them. Then I found the same shoes in ivory and I thought they looked even better. I worried I was experiencing some sort of bridal fugue in ivory but then my friend volunteered that she thought the ivory looked even better on me than the copper. I have never tried on ivory shoes before, who knew they would look so good? I bought them. I may go back and get the copper some day for other times.

There was a lot of successful shopping this week. I am grateful but tired. My fiancee and I certainly need to concentrate on the finishing the save the dates tomorrow. I also need to finish my long letter to my mother detailing all the latest. I am so sorry she lives so far and has to miss so much of this.


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