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So much has happened the past couple of days wedding-wise I haven't really had time to blog about it.

Tuesday DF and I went shopping. We saw a iridescent satin, long dress [plum/bronze] very like one I saw in Mesa early in March. It has a jacket, some beading around the v neck and on the lapels. It is quite a simple 'sheath', no waist, a-line and lined, it comes in both women's and misses sizes and would look nice on various figure types. It is on sale. We both really like it. In fact DF liked it so much that she almost bought it to get married in but we went and looked at Nordstrom's since I just had a 'feeling' about going there.

DF found the dress she is going to get married in at Nordstrom's [also on sale]. It is champagne in color. Tea length. The dress is scoop necked, empire-waisted with dull satin bodice and sleeveless. The jacket is collarless with 3/4 sleeves. The skirt of the dress and the jacket are champagne peau de soie with a layer of lace on top. She looks beautiful in it. She seemed sure when she tried it on that she wanted it. [and that she wants to work out more] It just all worked out beautifully. and I am so happy I will not be alone up there in ivory, I love it that DF also decided on a pale dress.

Especially when we realized we could use the plum/bronze dress for our attendants. My matron of honor tried hers on last night. She looks great in it, and it fits beautifully [except for needing hemmed]. DF bought one for her maid of honor [sister] today. Hopefully the fit will work fairly well. MOH saw it with me in Mesa and liked the look of it then.

Now if we can find ones for our other attendants that would just be super. I don't think anyone will really hate it. It is very reasonably priced $110 for a dress, so if it really isn't something you want to keep you can pass it on to charity with a clear conscience. At least it isn't something people will cringe when they look at it. It is so dear of our friends to humor us like this.


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