The first day of being engaged--looking back

It was great, we were engaged. I expected it and I didn't all at the same time. I was surprised, especially by the timing.

A part of me relaxed. Something clicked into place. 'Ah we are both headed for the same destination". I liked that feeling.

Then by the next day my stress levels started to rise. I didn't get much sleep that first week. It was one thing to plan on being married 'some day'. It was another to suddenly have a wedding to plan, an actual wedding to plan.

We talked about a date. We both wanted an autumn wedding. My fiancée like the idea of October better than late September. "More fallish', she said. Not too late in October though, not is Minnesota, because then you are risking cold weather. So we settled on October 6 with September 29 as an alternate date. Great. That was easy.

Our Unitarian Universalist Church was free on October 6, so was the hall. As a member, many fees are waived. I put our names down. Venue chosen

Then, being number oriented, I started counting. That was less than 9 months away. That was not much time, not at all.

Then I wrote to tell my hard of hearing parents the good news. I wanted them to know as soon as possible but I didn't want to be shouting it into the phone. So I mailed a letter the next day and waited. Mail delivery takes forever to their part of AZ. I have been out to my family for years but still getting married takes it to a whole new level. I wasn't completely positive they would come, pretty sure, but not positive. More stress.


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