Blissful Monday, again

Here it is Monday and I am feeling very cheery. Second Monday in a row. Huh. It is a company holiday for me but I still have 9 reviews to do so I am clueless as to why I am happy. I will just enjoy the cheeriness.

Some random babbling [burbling?] rapidly approaching or
'How I keep from thinking about reviews and cabin buying'.

I really enjoyed dancing last night. I go to Tapestry for most of my dancing needs which if you are in the Minneapolis area you should totally check out. My favorite is English Country Dancing and has been for about 20 years off and on. If you have ever seen a british movie based on a Jane Asten book with dancing then you have seen English Country Dancing.

ECD is an exercise I enjoy and it is fairly gentle for someone shortly after back surgery. I proved this twice myself in the past. We had a large crowd with a lot of new people in too small a room last night but fun was had.

The annual Playford ball which is the first Saturday of March is rapidly approaching so there will be a good crowd all winter long. I need to find myself a new fan for it.

We are planning our next dinner party for January 31. If you haven't been invited and you know us offline please don't take offense. We love all our friends, some we haven't seen since the wedding, and are sending out invites to one small party after another. We do want to see you all but since we can only fit 6 guests around the DR table it is going to take awhile

This will be our third dinner party. We talked about doing this for years but we only started last October and we are feeling proud of ourselves and having a blast.

Since it is January and pretty frigid out I am thinking beef stew w/wine for the main course. If we have a vegetarian in the group, I will make it with mushrooms instead of beef. For dessert apple tart with cinnamon ice cream. Because we want to play with our new ice cream maker. More menu choices need to be added and decisions like should the stew be server with noodles or dumplings will need to be decided.

Progress is being made on Katrina's sweater I am working on the border for the body curently.

This is like a comfort post. All happy making and as you can see totally unrelated to writing up reviews for work. [which must get done today] Whew.


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