Singing, me?

Pretty happy today
Of course I don't agree with Obama on everything, but then I don't agree with my best friend or my partner on everything either. I can totally live with that.

The actual watching of live TV and seeing 2 cabins ate up Tuesday. Work and a killer headache took up all of Wednesday. Another week is whooshing by.

One of the cabins is a possible. The other, well we didn't want it, and the realtor refused to consider us ever moving across from the 'home from deliverance'. Nice to know he has limits as to how far he'll go to make a sale.

Today is work from home day because one of the cars needs a new serpentine belt [we hope]. Mercury retrograde, that silly thing none of us believes in, strikes again. I did do my qi gong this morning and finally sometime this afternoon my headache went away. I also rode the stationary bike for 20+ minutes.

I now realize that if one watches an episode of '3rd Rock from the Sun' while biking those minutes will whiz by. How great is netflix? I have had it for at least 6 years now and I don't even care about the tv signal going digital. I'll see what I want eventually and I am probably one of the few americans who owns a tv but did not see one political ad in 2008.

Now there is a new years' resolution I would make: "I will not watch any political ads this year". Maybe, someday, I'll tell you all how I never saw a trailer for any of the LOTR movies. Which I just did, hmmm not that interesting. I have never seen the Godfather, any of the LOTR movies [although I have read the books at least 60 times] or the movie Titanic. Yep, not as interesting as it sounded in my head. Oh well. I can chalk it up to my quest for transparency.

Off to eat vegetable lentil soup. And perhaps a trip to the co op to buy milk and such with my sweetie when she gets back with the car. I'm hoping everyone is having a great week.


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