The linings of Pitch Black Clouds

So this economic things bites. There how is that for understatement? Since I am decades away from retirement eligibility I don't even look at my 401K statements anymore. It's the same reason why I don't watch sad, intense movies right now -- I really don't need any downers when I feel like I am finally gaining ground again on a positive attitude.

But the shiny lining for us is that we are getting the house refinanced, which is a great thing all by itself. Even better from my point of view is that it is inspiring us to clean and sort areas of our large house that haven't been done in months. Like my office. ahem.
I should take pictures.
oops, there is a should, now I'll have to think about if I even want to take pictures and all, because the motto for this week is 'down with shoulds!'

Then even more better my wife is throwing stuff away!
[I hope you are not here for good grammar]
I love to declutter and throw stuff away and I may love it even more when she does it. Hard to tell, either way though it is excellent.

Our home is so clean, partly due to the people we hired before the appraisal. But who cares? It's a blast to have everything all clean and fresh all at once. I resisted hiring at first then I remembered what a huge mental lift it gives me and the result is I feel terrific. shallow perhaps, but terrific. Oh well, Flylady would understand.

I hope everyone finds a silver or gold lame or sparkly lavender lining to any dark clouds overhead.


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