lessons learned

-if you use the small amount of blogging time you have for 2 days on trying to get pictures to post correctly you won't get to posting at all.

-and you won't have pictures up either.

-when your yoga teacher asks 'what shall we work on today?' and you answer 'shoulders', your shoulders are probably going to hurt like the dickens the next day.

-you can always find something to talk about in therapy.

-when mercury is in retrograde you can ask 3 different people the same question and no one will remember the answer you need until after hours of troubleshooting in which you figure it out for yourself, you then mention the answer to them and they will all say 'oh yes I knew that, didn't I tell you?'

-you'll be proud of yourself for going back into files 4 years old and finding the answer but will also want to strangle the people who could have saved you all that time.

-you will be proud of yourself for not strangling anyone.

-it is not cyber stalking if you are involved in a yarn/knit swap and you are just trying to figure out what your swappee would like.

-if you have 3 or 4 things you would like to knit in the next month or so and you aren't a fast knitter it probably will not happen.

-especially if you have spinning you really need to get done during the same time.

-sending anonymous questions through elfster is entertaining, reaching outside your comfort zone to make something you normally never would must be character building.

-the barber of seville is Rossini not Mozart.

-visiting family is usually not a vacation no matter how fun.

-but a clean house can make life seem more flowing and full of ease.

-it is best to remember to order your sweetie's V day gift before it is too late.

-spending time with oneself is a good priority to have, up there with exercising and getting plenty of sleep.

-harry potter books are great to read aloud but it's a shame there are only seven of them.

-most people at your dinner party are so delighted that someone is cooking for them that they won't be too picky about other stuff.

-lists can make your random blog thoughts easier to get down.


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