what happened to Tuesday?

Really. I mean I wasn't sick or anything. Granted work is fiendishly busy and yoga started up after the holiday break but what happened to the day?

I try to be aware of my life as I am living it. Ok sure this is a huge goal which I fail at all the time, but yesterday just seemed to slip by. huh. I hope this doesn't mean that I am possessed by Voldemort or anything.

Yoga was excellent. [It always seems that way afterwards, funny huh?] Of course when I was trying to sink into warrior II and my one leg was shaking so hard, well it's probably a good thing no one asked me 'should I try yoga' during that time.

It may have something to do with the extreme cold interfering with normal brain function as I know it. Please note I am not whining about the -6 F high we are expecting today. No one is forcing me to live in MN, and I do like winter. Also my trusty volvo is still starting so that's excellent. It is weird though to put on 2 shirts, a sweater, lined wool pants and long underwear to go work in an office. It sounds like 20's are coming this weekend so hopefully the xcountry skiing will happen.

I guess there is stuff on my mind. We are thinking about buying a cabin up north. I am feeling conflicted and it's taking up lots of mental real estate right now.

I love spending time on water. I love going someplace quiet and alone to re energize.
I lived on a farm for 4 years and there is stuff I love about the country.
Who was it who said 'buy real estate, they aren't making any more of it'?
This is a buyer's market for sure. I feel confident it is a good investment.
There are lots of good buys within 80 miles.
All weather cabins can be used all year round.

What if it is noisy there when I want quiet and peace?
There are frequently concerts and such on the weekends that I love to do in the city.
Can we still garden successfully if we are away a lot in the summer?
I am from Pittsburgh, I did not grow up where weekend lake cabins were the norm, how much would we actually use it?
I'm not clear about all the various monetary costs to cabin life. Could be tons I am not aware of...
I lived on a farm for 4 years and there is stuff I hate about the country.

The few people I know who have a cabin grew up with one. I wish I knew someone who didn't grow up with one but has one now. Surely there must be a forum somewhere for this?

I hope everyone is a toasty as they need to be. Misspelled toasty as 'toady' at first. Feel free to be toady if you want!


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