xcounty 2

Skiing fun was had today. I was pretty nervous, this was only my second time cross country skiing in my life. My first time was in 1988. Yep, I think I waited long enough.

We woke up today and I wasn't hungry. I called the weather line and it was 21 degrees. I used my smelling salts until the room stopped spinning. I suggested going out and working up an appetite for breakfast. So we did and I have that proud feeling for stepping out of my comfort zone.

It was pretty awesome half hour of fun in the snow. This is a big skiing town. There was one Dad pulling 2 kids behind him on a sled while skiing. There was one woman there with her two 80+ pound dogs on leashes. Would it be easier or harder to have the dogs pulling you I wonder?

Some gaiters for my ankles would probably be helpful. I am a bit sore. I didn't fall. [yet] I certainly want to do more of it. And the weather sounds like it will cooperate this week.

My cabin stuff is getting better. One of the cabins we really liked online, well the price just came down to our approved amount, could be kismet. So we are going to try to see it this week. I have never house shopped so extensively on the Internet before, it's funny to think we may drive up there and see something we immediately hate that is not visible in the pictures. It's also scary to think that we may be buying a lake cabin. Very surreal, challenging, lovely, scary, awe inspiring and more.


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