made up

We delay this important post about make up.

yes, the flowers in the picture on the top of the blog are from the wedding and no I can't believe I am about to blog about make up either.

ok now.
I admit I am somewhat of a girly girl. [I can hear my best-est friend laughing hysterically with a lot of other people]
Ok, yes the last purchase I made was a black velvet skirt but that is not the point. Not so much with the butch though I do keep my wallet in my back pocket, ok well not when wearing a black velvet skirt but...moving on.

I wear make up occasionally. I have been encouraged over the years by oldest friend and my dad to put a little more on.

Has your Dad ever encouraged you to put some lipstick on? Really? Don't Dads usually tell you to "take all that paint off your face"? Of course he was a hairdresser for years, he usually comments positively on my hair.

Basically I have used it when I felt like it, and recently it's been almost everyday.
Right now I am doing it for a few reasons:

-I am having sleep issues, and the circles under my eyes, mostly genetic, have their own circles
-I visited with my parents over xmas, and I tend to 'make up' around them. hmm
-it does help me feel more up, and I can use that right now
-secret main reason I am about to reveal to this blog below

I love this eye shadow. I have never before enjoyed eye shadow all that much. But I love this company [they recycle jars!] and I love their eye shadow. I want to eat it sometimes. Especially Milan and Nile. Ok why do I not see 'Nile' on any of the eyeshadow pages? Did they just make it for the special Rivers collection?! bummer. It's the prettiest pine green with gold and I am actually feeling a bit panicky when I think about how I can probably never buy it again.

Huh. Oh well all the more reason to enjoy it every time I use it. Which I do. I even find myself wondering after dressing 'can I get away with plum or green eyeshadow with that?'

Someday I will do more with pictures but not today. I don't think I could capture the colour anyway.


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