happy to be here, randomly

I am so happy to blog today but I just seem to have a scatter of thoughts and happenings to share. Warning: entertainment value seems iffy.

-It looks like a snow globe outside. It is quite beautiful. I am grateful to be working from home today, although I will need to venture out to get gas at lunchtime.
-The full moon in cancer was incredible this weekend. So big, so bright, blue and white, with huge sharp shadows. I hope you got to see it where you were.
-I am hopeful that the upcoming weekend will warm up a bit so that I can do some cross country skiing. I am really bad at it. This is not false modesty.
-I still don't have a datebook for 2009. The likelihood that I will double book myself or forget something vital soon is increasing exponentially.
-The appraisal on Friday went great and we got the results today. Not only is it 10K over what we need for refinancing but it's up from the 2002 purchase price. It is quite a relief.
-Some knitting on Goddaughter's sweater got done. I am knitting the classic colourway for her. I love it as much as great nephew's [jewel colourway] and it will be equally hard to give it up when it is done.
-My dearest border collie Cervyn is with me for a long winter visit. She is 14 and is like one of the senior citizens who amazes you by still running marathons. Her eyes are getting clearer and she is very deaf. It true that I have a favorite among my animals, thank goodness this does not traumatize pets like it would children.
-All of the animals have been hitting the most adorable poses. Soon there will be pictures I feel sure. [where are those batteries?]
-We made time for an actual date this weekend and we went to a 'new to us' Japanese restaurant. Obento-ya is fabulous. We were sitting there full from a wonderful meal and my wife said "I can't wait to come here again". We didn't even try the sushi yet and we both love sushi though not when it is freezing outside it seems.
-We are starting our planning and invites for our next dinner party 1/30. Now comes the musing over what to cook.
-I got a letter from my mum who called me an xmas angel. I have it in writing. It's always lovely to be appreciated and I feel so lucky to still have my parents. I wish they didn't live so far.
-I am still cell phone less. I was so hopeful it would turn up. What was it about 2008 that made me lose cell phones?
-Whole wheat sour dough maple pecan rolls are yummy though the recipe needs tweaked.
-Back on sleep schedule and actually sleep is happening. So wonderful.
-It's a pretty cozy day, I'm going to roast a chicken and do some qi gong at break time.

Here's wishing a cozy day to all who would enjoy it.


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