it's fun to go to the YMCA -ok not really

Actually I go to the YWCA which does not have a catchy song to get all of our toes a'tapping but is also a very fun place to be.

Luckily I have a Y buddy. She is one awesome and amazingly fit woman. Last night I so did not want to go to the Y. Only the fact that I was meeting her there got me to drag my butt out the door and to the Y. Why does it sometimes seem easier to come through for our friends then it does for ourselves? We don't even exercise together the whole time. Why is it so hard to take those 15 extra minutes to do my qi gong in the morning. Something I love...

I want to be the healthiest possible me. Between my back [2 surgeries], depression and well, my being human, it would be optimal if I exercised every day. Minnesota is not the easiest place to exercise in the winter if there is lots of snow and ice and you are trying to guard your body from a fall. Of course even when the weather is perfect I rarely manage to move enough for anything near optimum health.

But on a winter evening, after a trying day at work I managed to get some good stuff done for me all in the name of not letting a friend down. One more reason to be so thankful for friends.

My Y buddy is also the bluntest woman I have ever met and it can be delightful. Especially if she compliments you because you know she really means it. She complimented my eye makeup and said [twice] how pretty I looked. It was lovely to hear and also to have my eye shadow love validated.


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