Mall shock

It's really cold again. The high yesterday was +1 F and it was hard to get moving. I had a reason to go to the mall and I thought I could combine the shopping with several circuits around the mall for exercise.

It was so crowded. Since retail buying is supposed to be down I am assuming most people were there to find a place to get out of the weather. I completely understand that. After 2 circuits and some quick shopping I was so surfeited with people I was ready to retch. These are the times that remind me that in truth I am an introvert.

Before I went slowly insane I did finally buy a date book for 2009. I couldn't find a date book I really liked but it when things are 75% off it's pretty easy for me to settle for $4.00.

I also went to Williams-Sonoma where I have gift cards up the whazoo. Some are left over from my bridal shower. I actually had a few items I wanted and needed. A tart pan, a pastry brush and pastry scraper. [where did my first pastry scraper go?] I also bought a melon baller, something I never planned on owning until I read weeks ago how Deb at smittenkitchen uses hers to remove cores from apple halves. I hate coring apples, I had a gift card so ... I hope it works. [is the term 'core apples' or 'de-core apples'? I am drawing a blank]

This means apple tart and homemade cinnamon ice cream for dessert at this week's dinner party is a go. Beef Burgundy with potatoes or noodles. Roasted beet salad and probably something on crostini for starters.

Other notable events yesterday; I got pictures via email of our new great niece. She is adorable with such dark eyes for such a new baby. Now I want to actually post a picture and I can't get it to work.

Also Carolyn and I went to the Corner Table to celebrate the day we met 5 years ago. If you live in the area, save up and treat yourself some special occasion. It's a small chef owned place so get reservations.

The meal was fabulous. The gnocchi is sublime. The best I have had outside of Italy. It is so light I expect it to float off of the plate. The spinach salad special with breast of duck shavings yummy. Her fettucine carbonara special and my lamb ragout were wonderful for a freezing cold winter night and went great with my glass of Boroli. Carolyn loved her chocolate bread pudding, and they happily accommodated her 'no alcohol' request and replaced the bourbon creme anglais with a cream cheese sauce she said was great. My parsnip honey cake was so luscious and not too sweet for this no sugar eater. I realize I could go on and on about this meal, but I will stop now. And now I am hungry just from writing the above.

Sounds like next weekend will be a bit warmer which means cross country skiing. I look forward to that. ECD tonight, I will brave the cold.


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