Barber of Seville

This opera was definitely a cure for my Friday blues. It was so amusing, lovely music, campy, witty, silly--my brain turned off completely.

It is such a happy reminder that humans can create zany entertainment, we can add to the beauty of the world. I once again bought tickets where I didn't really want them. For some reason in this venue I get the seating chart mixed up. We were in the front row center which entailed a teeny bit of neck craning but it was delightful to see the singers' faces as they performed their parts. I was in awe of their ability to produce such beautiful sound while doing a lot of acting and very physical comedy.

We enjoyed the chance to dress up and go to the opera immensely. Thank the goddess for art. It really does heal I think. I think the run closed today which is a shame, everyone should have had the chance to see it.

Yesterday was another fabulous day with a graduation to celebrate, a dear friend just finished 4 years of training to become a homeopath. We went to the ceremony to celebrate then there was lovely after party at the Wilde Roast. It was such a delight to witness the culmination of all that hard work, and when I think that I wrote one of her reference letters 4 years ago I get quite teary eyed. Brava Su.

Sunday seems to be rounding off a nice weekend and there is ECD tonight. We are preparing to go back to the cottage next weekend and there is a dinner party to get ready for on Friday night. Lots to look forward to in life. It's good to remember what is good. I hope everyone else has pleasant thoughts to dwell on this week.


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