you always remember your first... knitting swap PT 2

Finally I know my package has been receivied.

I have done other swaps with strangers before, the large BT list has an ornament swap that they do every year. [If you like kidlit or have little girls get yourself some Betsy/Tacy books asap, they are back in print] I have enjoyed it but stopped doing it after a few years, I got too many ornaments that I disliked and I felt bad because I didn't want them. So in order to have a more stress free life I decided it just wasn't for me.

In the years that have followed knitting related swaps have become legion, but I never did one. I resisted. Just like I resisted Ravelry "knitting cr@ck" they called it. But when knitting becomes entangled with MWMF my defenses go down. All due to Tanya, I joined Ravelry. [luckily she uses her powers for good: sock knitting at warp speed and sharing knitting joy with others] After she had reeled us all in to the Fest/Ravelry group she suggested a swap. It's been great.

Unlike my ornament exchanges you have a chance to 'read up' on your person thanks to elfster and ravelry. Our swap also had a limit of one skein, so certainly no least not that I could do in that time. I was able to find out her favorite colours and at least get an idea of items she does and does not go was fun and taxing and cool all at once. Now the blue[ish] hat is in the mail and I am just hoping that it fits and that she likes and if she doesn't that she is a good liar and...

Not that it didn't have it's frustrations. She very simply stated that blue was her favorite color. Now blue is not a color I go towareds much at all but I found a fabulous hand painted skein of wool, sure it had bits of green and purple in it, but mainly blue. It wasn't 'me' but I could see it was beautiful. I didn't trust my judgement though, I took it home and showed it to my best friend, who is all about blue. She has ocean blue eyes and looks fabulous in blue and wears blue all the time. I showed her the skein and asked her what color it was? Blue and it's beautiful she said. I felt triumphant and started knitting, and darn it all the hand painted yumminess came together in a fabric that, well, could have been more blue. I tried though I really did. I wish I was faster and had the time to try again but the swap deadline had to be met.

I also have another reason for enjoying this swap. It seems likely I will be in India when all the women are cavorting in the MI woods at fest. I will miss MI so much this year. I hope what I made for my swapmate will be going to MI in her luggage.


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