self care despair

I am having one of those "busy weeks". You know the kind. In fact if you are a mother with several children under 12 you probably have them frequently.

This week we are closing on the lake house and work, well let's just say, they are loading it on. I am exhausted. Too exhausted to do the stuff that will make me feel better. Biking, qi gong, journaling, walking in the sunshine. All ways that have been have been tested, that I know make me feel better. But I am too tired to do them, all the while knowing that if I did at least some of them I would not feel as tired.

I just feel stuck [and tired] I know I am not alone, this web page calls attention to this problem. It' s always nice to know you are not alone with a problem. I think that can tone down the guilt but it seems that this is one of those things we all have to solve in our unique way.

We all have different jobs and family structures and so forth. I hope being present and aware and thoughtful and listening to yourself is the way to go. But again it is so hard to do when you are so tired. It makes things that should be joyful stressful. Like is throwing a dinner party wonderful or stressful? How about a lake house? A trip to India? Stress really sucks the joy out of stuff.

So I wanna take the joy back, maybe after a nap?


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