Dinner Party IV

Time to plan dinner party IV. We spent a good chunk of March trying to figure out when Carolyn would be in Boulder for work. Ends up it will not be happening in April.

This means we could finally nail down a date for our next dinner party, 4/24. We will be inviting people this week. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes down, so many people have such extremely busy schedules.

I think we will have several vegetarians in this round so it will have to be scrumptious and meatless. The weather could be 75 or 45. It will be a bit of challenge, early spring being such a 'dead' time culinary speaking. No local asparagus yet, perhaps some strawberries? though not local...

I have a fabulous cauliflower soup that I adore, perhaps we'll have that maybe with homemade bread. For the entree maybe the seitan wild rice casserole with green beans or a green salad. Strawberry shortcake on biscuit not sponge is a spring favorite or cheesecake. Will have a lot of no alcohol types in this crowd probably, must stock up with the fun juices when on sale.

I wonder if we'll be having dinner parties on the lake in September!


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