Tax Day a holiday?

When I upload national holidays to my electronic calendar it loads up "Tax Day: United States" for today. WTF? I mean did I miss when this day became a holiday?

I wonder if I know the meaning of the word holiday? I didn't think it meant the day that an annoying amount of yearly paperwork is due to the government. [and let me just say that MN's forms are particularly annoying, they don't want you to send in your W2, oh no they want a another form filled out with same information on the W2]

Anyway taxes got sent in very late again this year, deliberately. I do not use tax rebates as a saving plan. [though I did for years] Then I had a mortgage for years and I got money back on because of the interest I paid. Then for a few years since I sold my property my taxes went back to basics and I did my best to balance out my exceptions [or do I mean exemptions?] because I want all my money when I earn it thank you very much. I don't want the government to use it [for free] for months. Though they will charge you big if you owe them "too much" at the end of the year. In MN the limit is $500 I believe. Note though if they owe you a huge amount $500, $1000, $5000 they don't pay you for getting to use your money all that time.

Wow, I had no idea tax day would make me so 'ranty'. I won't even start on the escrow insurance/tax 'scam' that banks do so that they can use your money for free.

Of course all this will change next year with the interest from the cottage mortgage payments. It will probably be several years before I get it all back into balance again but I love a mathy challenge.

oh yeah -- merry tax day all.


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