sadness filled heart

What a week, eh? I find it hard to voice my pain over the memos that were released this week. I spent the 8 years W was in office reminding myself that it was not forever, all things change eventually. That is the brilliant part about change, bad things don't last any more than the good ones. But the release of the memos is such a painful reminder for me of just how much damage can be done to [and by] a country in 8 years.

All the fear that is so prevalent due to the global economy woes with more and more layoffs being announced every day and now this heavy sadness on top. I am just trying to accept it. I guess because trying to ignore it or push it away is impossible [and would be unhealthy anyway] it is everywhere in the very air for me.

So I try to hold that in one hand and reach out with my other hand to what I can do. I can do my work, I can be nice to myself, I can do a couple of errands, I can re pot a plant, buy some stuff for my early garden in the south facing, by the house, sheltered part of the yard and I can look forward to the opera with friends tonight. Mostly I can try to be kind to all I meet today because really it's hard for everyone. Not one of us is alone.


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