cast of my fridge

Have I ever mentioned my sweet pets that live in my fridge? [quick check for tag] Nope, I don't think so. [or maybe I did in the artisan bread post] They are no trouble at all, so happy, useful and yummy. It's my sour dough starter.

Apparently I am a goofball, but I think it's hysterical to start talking to someone about my many the fridge...who are my starter. My inner-chef must be about 12 years old.

I have had a starter for about 6 months now and it has been an interesting road. A lot of information on the web has been too scientific for me to bother to wade through. Also I like to cook with whole wheat, almost exclusively, and I have not yet found many doing that. Add my not baking with processed sugar, you probably are not surprised to hear I make a lot of things up.

I have had triumphs. My WW dark chocolate chip cookies are really good. They are made with agave nectar and chips are grain sweetened. However my second attempt at WW sourdough cinnamon rolls was a complete flop, although the dogs are enjoying them.

I made them once before, spur of the moment, and they turned out ok. Too sweet though with all the agave and pecans I thought. They didn't rise enough either that first time. I tried v2 this week, I was so in the mood for yummy yet semi healthy sweet rolls, but they were horrible. They weren't sweet enough for me! It's been a long time since I thought something wasn't sweet enough. They took forever to rise. No, I am not putting a recipe out here, although I guess I could as a grim warning.

It was so disappointing. Notes on possible fixes:
-more sweetener, this may be the recipe to try out rapadura.
-starter more robust so that it happily doubles in the 2-3 hours given
-pecans always make things better.
-don't skimp on butter, or cinnamon in the middle.

Once I and the dogs recover, my feelings and their stomachs, I'll have to try again.


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