States of Hope

So very, very brain dead but certainly happy.

First Iowa, now Vermont, DC... it's been quite a week and it is only Tuesday.

I am so tired but sitting here so happy with tears in my eyes. I'm thinking about my third wedding. I haven't had my third wedding yet but it has never seemed closer. I can see a time when my country, my entire country will recognize all my rights as a citizen and I will marry the woman I love for the third and final time.

Update: I may be wrong about the third final time bit. When I got home my DW talked a lot about how Iowa is close by, we could do a day trip and they don't have residency requirements and well, I am a sucker for a proposal. So wedding v3.0 may be sooner than expected.

In my own country, legally, with all the benefits and breaks it entails. Anywhere in my own country. I am just overwhelmed with the idea, that it is coming. That I will live to see it.

We probably won't have a big party since we enjoyed that already. We probably won't 'go away' to do it, although that was fabulous.

I know it will be wonderful though. Maybe I'll wear orange.

Happy thought: I may finally get to be a chief bridal ninja as well!!

It feels right. It feels potent. I hope.


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