You always remember your first...knitting swap PT 1

It's an emotional time in a knitter's life when she has done her first swap and I have just completed mine--at least my package is in the mail and I have gotten mine this past weekend.

It was a beautiful package. The outside of the box was decorated. The was a fest music mix CD, great chocolate and my beautiful knitted item. Everything was wrapped in cheerful tissue paper. Really, it was like opening a box of spring time. My scarf/necklet was knit from a lovely wool [in garnet] that I have heard of but never bought. I wish you all could feel how cozy and soft it is. I feel very spoiled [in the best way] by the giver, who is not blogless and you will see is an extremely creative and talented person.

I can only hope that my own recipient feels the same way about my box.

I know this is a stressful time for many not just me. The 2 shooting sprees this week show that in a horrible way. My stress feels puny [but still anxiety provoking] in the face of those who are worried about keeping their children fed and a roof over their heads.

It makes me more grateful for things like this swap and the chance to take part of it. Or Iowa's recent decision to legalize marriages between all adults. It is so wonderful to be able to remember kindness. It is lovely to reach out to strangers in a caring way. It is something be reminded that people can tend toward love and not because they fear retribution or punishment.

I feel blessed.


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