plane fares to India

Although I am in the fortunate position of having my work pay for the flight to India my wife is not. So if she wants to go we have to pay for her ticket. The same summer that we are buying, cheaply sure, a place up north. If we had a choice we would change the timing of that.

She was feeling conflicted last week "I want to go, but the money should we do it right now" I reminded her that she has always wanted to go to India and she would probably end up being pretty bummed if she does not. I had a foolish, silly, brilliant idea.

If we gave up eating out for 3 months, I said [April, May and June] we could probably save the money for your airfare. We do eat out quite a bit. This seemed so doable last week. [we will treat ourselves once a month btw]

Last night, I was feeling rushed and overwhelmed. I had forgotten to start dinner [corned beef with cabbage]. I remembered at about 4:45. My sweetie came home, I announced I wanted to eat out. I announced I knew we weren't but that I had to say it. Then I opened a can of soup and got fed. It was the evening of April first.
I didn't even make it one day without the desire. How long do you think I'll last until I cave? Can I make it 3 days, 3 weeks, much less 3 months!?!


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