effectiveness and beans

I'll go out on a tiny limb [in good company] and state for myself "I don't give a shit how effective torture is, it is illegal and imo immoral as well". Why anyone is even making this moronic argument, sure if a co-worker is threatening me, and someone kills him that would be an effective way of getting rid of the threat but still -- illegal. Do people even listen to themselves when they say these lame things? Why isn't every bible thumping christian up in arms about this? Do they think their Jesus would support it? You know, as long as it's effective, sometimes oh ok never.... I'm just going to stop myself from continuing down this crazy train.

Though I can join my 83 year old father when he says "I didn't vote for him or his administration --either time", it doesn't make me feel any less heartsick now. I have been telling my dogs how lucky they are to be dogs this week. *sigh*

So to other less depressing topics. Green beans are unavailable right now, my coop isn't even carrying them, so I need to rethink my side dish for tonight. I know in the past I have bought green beans at this time of the year, something must be different this year. I am thinking super simple roasted veggies. I am noticing other food oddities right now. I am finding some of the most yummy grapefruits I have ever had outside of AZ. It's almost May, surely grapefruit season is over? I'm not complaining mind you, just confused.

What my coop does have right now are spray roses which I love. I got some awesome coral ones, but I need something for the table as well. I love flowers. The violets and forsythia are blooming outside as well. It really is spring. I may have gone a bit overboard in buying juices for tonight, but most people invited do not drink alcohol so I went a little wild. I also bought a bottle of Campari and some soda for me. I love it and I probably won't be opening a bottle of wine for myself.

I have that 'nervous yet excited before a party' feeling. It will be a good time.


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