Did you notice?

I managed to get a picture to display yesterday?

Here's another one of the cutest border collie in the world, to me at least. She is 14 and deaf but still loves to chase her frisbee. She is not thrilled about water but she will get her feet wet to drink. Our other dog loves water she has already gone up to her chest.

Easter, I had a nice and relaxed morning. I slept so well which was much needed because it was so horribly cold the night before at the cottage. Strange I didn't have any chocolate the whole day. Wasn't a deliberate choice, it just happened. Carolyn's family made the most fabulous brunch, timbales, spinach tart, fruit, sweet rolls. We just brought the bubbly, since we spent the rest of the weekend working at the cottage and other paid projects and had no time for cooking.

I made it to ECD last night. It was one of those weeks where the music all started to sound the same to me, and not in a good way. I had my first bike ride a couple of days ago. I feel like exercise is a good thing again. I'm sore but not too bad. The weather is finally a bit more spring-like around here. It's all looking up.

I read the above and I realize that my attitude must be improving because unhappy things also happened. A close friend lost her dad to cancer this week. This is the third friend in a year to lose a parent. Another friend shared her daughter is really bad with the cancer, they hope that they may be able to use radiation and chemo to put her in remission but, well what a thing to hope.

Yep, time to write my parents. *sigh*


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