can I have some writing with that soreness?

So I have been writing and it's been good. I mean the act of the writing, cause seriously the story itself is total crap and I have no plan and don't seem to care all that much.

Although at my little write in this morning someone mentioned that if you give your character a name like Bobby Jo your word count will accelerate big time---so brilliant. Will try to remember when I need to name a new character.

word count=10356 and it's not over for the day yet. I need to average 2643 in order to still hit goal and that amount does not look that scary. Of course the more I write today will keep on dragging that down so yeah.

It feels pretty good to be in quintuple digits.
[ok is that actually a word I wonder? too sore to check]

So mostly yeah writing and pain from shoulders. I am pretty sure the sore is from my tiny baby shiva nata practice where I laugh hysterically while windmilling my arms. The perfect accompaniment to nanowrimo, because I so suck at both.

I needed more laughter and this is working.


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