challenge thinking

word count = 7249 and I am not done writing for the day yet. I am hoping to get to 10K today.

I have been thinking about challenges. Although nano is not new to me this year, it is certainly still a challenge. In fact looking in the archives on November 14 last year I was at ...hmmm I don't have a snippet for this day last year. But on Nov 12th last year I was at about 12000+ words so I am certainly off that pace. Being challenged.

Part of me wants to panic a bit and part of me keeps thinking 'let's see what happens, I think I can do this.' Well, whatever the outcome it feels great writing today and more time is planned for it tomorrow.

You know I haven't run a 5K yet, but I am still running. And even figuring out how to do it on the treadmill. More challenge. Makes me wonder how I can bring a bit of challenge joy to my work. Hmmm

Yummy challenges to all who need them.


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