Hmm, I kind of suck

Seriously, my word total sucks! 5533

So little writing got done this week! But now my time is opening up a bit more, we had a 9" snowfall which encourages staying home and the writing can now continue.

Will I finish in time? I certainly don't know. Hm I am only about 20,000 words behind

While I didn't have time for writing this week I did have time to struggle with my favorite self criticism. I don't critique my writing attempts but I feel that I failed at self care this week. Why is this still so hard at times?

I have the hardest time setting limits, pushing myself when I am too tired. I would have thought that my friend's stroke would have helped me focus on what is important health-wise...but it's still such a struggle. How to take time to exercise, sleep, be quiet? And not beat myself up when I feel like I fail and fail. sigh.

Although it does encourage me to know that lots of other people have this issue... not being alone is a great comfort.


Máire said...

Can you fortify yourself with the envy of others? I bet you ate more great food this month than just about anyone you know. Well, excepting your guests, who were eating with you!

Some folks not only didn't have fun eating experiences, but were also sick most of the week. Ah well. Minor problems, really.

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