writing with birthdayish stuff

I have a conflicted relationship with my birthday, it has been hurtful in the past so I always feel like I am bracing myself. This year I am having another good day.

There is sun and it's not raining or snowing or sleeting.

I was served breakfast in bed, my favorite quiche from Turtle bread and cranberry bread from Mayday..

I got out for a run.

My niece and goddaughter took me to Travail for lunch. It was yummy, I had the chicken, with soup for starters. My niece had the homemade pastrami. Very nice and much more relaxed at lunch time. It amazes me how filling their food is!

My wife baked me a no sugar cake with agave nectar and grain sweetened choc chips. It tastes so good and I feel so lucky to have people to share it with me.

Tonight I am taking out a few friends for dinner. Fingers crossed the 22 month old will be happy. She hasn't napped all afternoon even though she has been up there 3 hours babbling to herself happily. She'll probably doze off in her rice tonight.

Word count = 3047 So lucky today.


Máire said...

Lunch was filling, eh? Are you going to have room for delicious dinner??

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