so how did that stuffing turn out?

Or wait, perhaps you are not here for a stuffing report but this:

Word count = 34, 485

I wasn't able to write at all yesterday but I am feeling good about that word count, I am only about 8K off the pace and it's the long free weekend for me, so I plan to write and write and eat yummy leftovers.

But before I do that, how to sum up Thanksgiving this year. In a word; crock pots. In an attempt to keep food warm before serving, my crock pot and several others were used. One warmed the mashed potatoes [made earlier by my sister in law], likewise the yummy bean/tomato dish. One crock pot kept hot the sweet potatoes with chambord sauce. [all the alcohol burned off first].
A platter of the carved turkey was covered in foil and kept hot in the toaster oven. And I think it helped. The food was hot when served, or at least warm. It was a freezing day of about 15 degrees, more like January than November so it seemed even more important to keep the food above room temp. Ah well, perhaps one day I will have a double oven so that I can keep stuff warm with ease.

The company was wonderful, the food very good I thought, although this year continues to be the year of 'fighting with pastry'. The turkey, which was stuffed, quite moist. The gravy made by my chief ninja fabulous. The pies ok, and the persimmon pudding good. The artichoke dip, seriously the best I have ever made, with just the right amount of kick.

I hope everyone else, whether you are celebrating american Thanksgiving or not, working your fingers to the bone writing or not, is having a great week and is well fed!


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