at least once

Yes, indeed at least once in every Nano cycle there comes a time when you realize you are writing complete crap. And right now is that time for me my friends.

Seriously this story sucks, it has no plot, no point and except for one occasionally recurring character from a previous story who I happen to be in love with, it is supremely boring. Boring and bad. It upsets my tummy just thinking about it.

Still let's rejoice; I wrote close to 18K words in the past 48 hours of complete and utter crap. I am now only about 6000 words behind the pace and yes it's crap but still it's an accomplishment in crap. Takes some effort to keep going on when it's this bad. I'm not kidding, it's bad.

Word count = 30,071 and ok I admit it, that sex scene turned out rather well, I'll cop to that.


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