Stormy icey fun

Word count = 20,539

Look at that my friends. That just shows you that the worse ice storm in 30 years can have it's up side. After work every tentative plan yesterday evening and now today has been modified by the horrible condition of the roads. Although it is disappointing in some ways I have been able to get a monster amount of words done and I have really enjoyed the writing. I am currently about 12K off of last years pace but there is many hours left in the day. It may not be autumnal weather but it's been productive.

Due to the groove I am in I have thought and dreamed story even when I am not actually writing it. It's probably a bit hard on the others in the house,it is rather difficult to get my attention. Thank goodness for their patience.

According to the daily goal total I should be at 35K, I hope to finish at 25K today. Who knows it may be more, already I am enjoying the satisfaction of watching that word total graph creep up. I love that graph! Go Nano.

yep, definitely giddy am I.


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