Newsflash=bread does not need sugar

If I had the time I might actually be interested in finding out how we got the idea in this country that bread must have sugar in it. Sure it may help to get your yeast going quickly but you do not need it. But virtually every recipe you see will call for it unless it is subclassified 'european' and the sugar may be suggested any way. le sigh

The most delicious bread I have ever eaten is made of flour, yeast, salt, a bit of fat and water. This is in fact the bread I grew up with and yes it spoiled me. We have been known to travel with it in our carry on luggage. After all my family has been eating it since 1926 when the bakery first opened.

Not only did we use the old bread for breadcrumbs in our home made meatballs, we bought balls of dough for pizza crust and bags of old dried [seasoned if they came from Jenny Lee's] cubes for stuffing. I wonder if they still fire up the old brick wall ovens?

Which brings me to my stuffing issue. I haven't been collecting old bread for the past 6 weeks so I need to buy my bread cubes for my stuffing. This usually is not a problem but for some reason every bag of cubes I look at either has sugar in it or worse corn syrup! Blech.

That means I'll be spending time I don't really have trekking out to Whole Foods on questionable roads to get bread for the stuffing this morning. Oh well. Does this make me a food snob, perhaps? But if you grew up eating the bread that I ate you would be as well. [Hmm I just noticed they actually sell their cubes online now....I had no idea. Perhaps for next year!]

Happy thoughts about this though...Word count = 25, 587

I am over the halfway mark and it's downhill from here folks. Be safe all and I hope you all have good bread to eat!


Máire said...

I concur. But if I have the good stuff in the house, I tend to inhale it. How can I resist? It tastes like BREAD! Mmm.

Whoo hoo on crankin' out the words, you!

engagedbliss said...

It is hard to resist true. I could eat half a load of Mancini's in one sitting, so it's actually good to be 1000+ miles from that. Kinda.

Although it would be comforting to eat it while writing this dreck. Thanks for the encouragement, I need it.

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